Carabiner Keyring with Personalized Route 66 button and black polyester webbing strap

Enter the city and state name here

 >Carabiner Key Ring featuring a personalized Route 66 graphic button attached to a Heavy Duty Patriotic Polyester Webbing Strap topped off with a colored carabiner of your choice.
>You supply the city and state name that you want on the button, and you choose the carabiner color you want.

>Attach the carabiner to your belt loop, zipper pull on your bag or any hook to hang your keys from to always have them handy.

>Strap is made of heavy duty polyester webbing and is 5/8 inches wide. This will last for many years.

>Button is sandwiched between a metal button and a clear piece of mylar to protect against dirt and moisture and is attached with a screw to the strap.

>Total length is 6 inches long

>The ring rotates 360 degrees and the carabiner at top is perfect for attaching to a belt loop, school bag, gym bag, etc.

>These are all hand made in the U.S.A. and are made to order.