Paracord Key Ring with Personalized Volleyball Charm. You choose Name, Team Name, Font Color and Paracord Colors

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Please type in the info for charm: Name, Team Name, NUmber, and Font Color

 >Paracord Key Ring featuring a personalized 1 inch Volleyball graphic charm.
>You provide the name, team name, number, and font color for the charm as well as the two color choices for the paracord

>Durable, handcrafted 550 lb. Utility Key Fob.
>Use as a key ring or as a bag tag. Attach to your purse, school bag, back pack, golf club bag, duffle bag, etc. 
>Charm graphics are assembled  between a metal button and a clear piece of mylar to protect against dirt and moisture.

>The total length is app. 4 1/2 inches

>These are all hand made by me in the U.S.A. and are made to order.

>The third image is the paracord colors available.